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surge | pricing

There are times when so many people are requesting rides that there aren’t enough cars on the road to help take them all. Bad weather, rush hour, and special events, for instance, may cause unusually large numbers of people to want to request a ride with Taxi Kettering all at the same time.

In these cases of very high demand, prices may increase to help ensure that those who need a ride can get one. This system is called surge pricing, and it lets us to continue to be a reliable choice.

Whenever rates are raised due to surge pricing, we lets riders know via the phone.


Some customers will choose to pay, while some will choose to wait a few minutes to see if the rates go back down. 

What’s happening when prices surge?


When a lot of people are requesting trips in a specific area and there aren’t enough available cars, fares automatically rise to encourage more drivers to go to the busy area. It’s a way to help ensure we can get you a ride as quickly as possible when you need one.


I don’t want to pay more - what should I do?


Because fares are updated based on the demand for rides in a particular area, this price changes in real time. So if you have a little flexibility, try waiting a moment. As more drivers begin to serve the busy area, you might find the price drops after just a few minutes.

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